Paul Halley is one of Australia’s most popular and innovative composers of classical music, blending elements of traditional classical styles with a distinctive modern edge. With his beautifully melodic and intensely dramatic music he has made a considerable reputation for himself as a composer of highly likeable contemporary classical music.

Paul Halley is by profession a dentist, and is entirely self taught as a composer. Drawing on influences primarily from the classical masters such as Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, he has also drawn inspiration from sources as varied as medieval music and cinematic scores. Some of his most popular works have been “Midnight”, “The Hand Of Fate” and “Angel”.

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  1. Dear, Paul Halley

    Your song “Winter” is such a inspiring song it has many beautiful pitches and many turns you’d never expect I’m just speechless

  2. Hucydin

    Hello, dear composer!
    I was impressed your music ‘WINTER’.
    That piece is overcrowded by exquisite violin perfomaces!
    So sir, can I ask you somthing??

    I will make a Indie game, and I’d like to use your music,’Winter’.
    I swear that I readily reveal the music’s source,and composer.
    Can I use your music for my piece??
    If I should buy your Album to using you music,
    I gladly consider for buying your album.

    I will wait your answer, dear composer!
    Even if you say ‘NO’, I will love your pieces forever.

  3. Xhuliana (June)

    Thank you a lot. thanks to Winter I understood that I would start to play Violin. I loved this musik. I love you’re Compos. And I really appreciate the feelling that you can trasmit to people thanks to you’re musik. Thank you again.

    Best greattings


  4. WiL MartineZ

    From someone who would truly love to learn to play the violin in this lifetime. Unfortunately chess has a hold on my heart. I feel your talent is one of those rare things in this world that needs to be brought to the forefront unfortunately the world is too easily distracted by the noise in the opposite direction.

    Winter is a master piece and I would have loved to hear it played in the movie Whiplash. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world. Please add me to your mailing list as I will patiently await your next Quartet.

  5. David Castro

    Sir… You are brilliant, never stop composing.

  6. Ekaterina

    please note winter!!!thank you!!!

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