Paul Halley B 1972 – The Halley Quartet

Buy Paul Halley’s first CD featuring the tracks Angel, The Hand of Fate, Midnight, Cello Fantasia, Autumn, Adagio in F and the ever popular Winter.

The track ‘Winter’ is also available for free download, just click Winter below then right-click the ‘Download’ link under the audio player.

All tracks performed by Adrian Keating, Sarah Moir, Joanna Landstra, Ilir Merxhushi. Solo violin in “Angel” by Sarah Moir”. Cello Fantasia performed by Ilir Merxhushi.



  1. Francisco García

    Hola Paul, te he conocido gracias al corto “The Maker” que conjunta 3 tipos de artes en una obra maestra (la escultura, la cinematografía y tú música). Simplemente me ha encantado tu música, y ya la he descargado en mi ipod. Es magnífica para trabajar, para relajarse o simplemente para escuchar algo diferente, enhorabuena. Saludos desde Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

  2. Pablo

    Hi Paul, congrats on such wonderful and harmonic compositions!!! Any chance you may share the violin scores? I’m an intermediate violinist and I’d love the challenge of playing your music!

    Thank you for such an amazing gift that is your music, a true inspiration!

  3. increible! muchas felicidades!!! excelente!!

  4. Your Winter Song is Epic!.

  5. Hi I want to congrats for your beautiful music and thank you for allowing me to download it. Greetings from Colombia.

  6. Aníbal


    Muchas gracias por tu música. Es bellísima.
    Por cierto, la conocí a través del corto The Maker.

    Gracias por compartir tu talento.

  7. heber

    there is more to congratulate excellent music is a very tasteful and character, hope to hear more from you

  8. Juan Bolaños

    Your music is so beautiful!!!!

  9. Colin Cousins

    Dear Paul,
    I lay here, awake in my bed, void of sleep, because I simply cannot stop listening to your music. I recently discovered you through the short film The Maker, and much like Mrs. Milton, I find myself moved in ways words simply cannot describe. Your music fills my heart with such joy and wonderment that it haunts my every waking thought.

    I have always enjoyed the Violin, but never has it tugged on the strings of my soul in such an impactful way. It has become very clear to me that you love what you do, and put your entire being into creating this music. Only someone who truly loves what they do can impart these emotions into their art. I no longer hear the sound of the strings, but the voice of music itself, calling to me. You truly are a gifted violinist, and I am quite happy to have stumbled upon your work. My only lament is that I cannot see you perform these breathtaking pieces live, as I live in the U.S.A. Maybe one day I will be able to attend one of your concerts. Until that time, I will happily fill my iPod with your beautiful music and carry on my day knowing that somewhere out there, you are creating yet more masterpieces to touch the heart and soul of those who care to listen.

    Thank you so much.

    • Thanks Colin glad you like my work. I’m not doing the playing though, just the composing!

  10. Hi Karen,
    Glad to hear you enjoy the music. Try right-clicking the file and downloading it to your computer from the pop-up menu.

  11. Karen Chen

    Hi Paul,
    I love your music and I’m so grateful that you’ve put up downloads, but I’m having a problem with them. everything I click it to download a song, it just sends me to a page with the mp3 file. Not quite sure what to do :/

  12. Mike Tharme

    When I first heard Winter on The Maker animation at Bradford Animation Festival, I knew I had to find your work, and now that Chris sent me in your direction, I’m so please I was right in thinking I would enjoy your work. Hope to hear more over time 😀 you are talented on the strings 🙂

  13. Deeks ishak

    dear paul
    your music is fabulous , its out of this world , its really inspiring ,

    i become one of your fans , the words can’t explain how i feel about your music
    it touched my heart ….thank you

  14. Alison Montalbo

    You have talent your music is beautiful & inspiring!
    (How am I able to download?)

  15. I deeply appreciate that you have such gorgeous pieces available for download.

    As with some of the other commenters, I was directed here from The Maker, and Winter is surely one of many new beautiful songs I now have to enjoy.

    Thank very much for both the pieces themselves the work put into them.

  16. Yurtiza Ezquerra

    I couldn’t leave the page without commenting; you have an extraordinary talent, and I must say that “Autumn” made me cry. I was about to quit writing, but your music gave me a million of different stories, I’m really grateful for that. Never stop inspiring people…!
    I have goose bumps!!
    (Sorry if I have bad spelling, is not my language)

  17. HI Paul,
    Your music is truly inspiring. You definitely have a gift for composition (and playing the piano!…Well, you used to play when you were at uni).
    Will definitely be listening to more of your music.


  18. Dear Paul,

    Recently, I discovered your music through the film “the maker” at the Geneva’s Cinema tous ecran film competition. It is a very nice film that thanks to your music, incomparable “sweet, highly delightful, radiant” became unforgettable .
    I congratulate you and wish you plenty of inspiration to continue creating that beautiful music. Thanks, Martin (a Nicaraguan living in Geneva).

  19. Sandra Milton

    Your music is amazing! The effect it has on me is something that I’ve never experienced before.
    I have attended a lot of live classical music events (I lived near Venice for over 20 years) and I have heard a lot of good music — but yours is unique.

    On the night of the concert I was very aware of the utter beauty of what I was listening to–and the effect it had on me. So, out of curiousity I went to your website and was rewarded by finding your downloads.

    Well, what can I say to express what listening to the four pieces I downloaded does fo me? I am amazed by the effect your music has on me. To say it’s uplifting isn’t enough. It lifts me to another dimension, of believe it or not, energy. I’ve had something similar to this only twice before, in front of exceptional paintings — where looking at the painting gave me an insight or link to the soul, or inner state/mood of the artist, — and his blissful connection to the One, or creative source.

    Your music for some reason, gives me bliss — and I’m discovering it’s “energy” related. I believe that when I listen to your music, it gives me, energetically, the vibration you had when you were creating it.

    This may seem strange to you, and it’s certainly new for me. But it’s exceptional — and that’s why I’m writing to you. The love you have for what you do, frees you from your personality, when you compose — you reach a higher state. That state is blissful and peaceful, and leads to heighened inner awareness or light, and to me it’s contagious — by listening to your music, I reach it too.

    To me, your work is art at its best. I inspire my writing with your music.
    Thanks for the “lift,” and may you continue your work because of the good it brings to others.


    • Thanx 4 the post Sandra. You’ve now re-inspired me in turn.
      If u can make it, my SydOpHouseConcert will be something…

  20. Marjorie

    Your music moves me. It is incredibly beautiful. Thank you so much for the free downloads These songs will be used to fuel both my inspiration and my painting sessions.

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