Future Projects

I am currently writing many new pieces. Several of my currently single movement pieces for string quartet are being developed into 3 or 4 movement pieces.

My current biggest project is my “4 seasons” project, which will comprise, once finished four 3 or 4 movement string quartets – one for each of the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. You can hear some of the single movements already on this website. For this project, I was inspired Ray Ban outlet by Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, which are written for string orchestra and violin soloist. The first full quartet Ive finished “Winter”, is in 3 movements and was premiered in 2010 at Wesley Church, Wollongong.

I am also working on extending (also to 3 or 4 movement quartets), my pieces “Angel”, “The Hand of Fate” and my “Russian” string quartets. 2012 will see the premier of at least 2 new full string quartets by The Halley Quartet.

Besides string quartet pieces I am currently working on a Piano concerto, My Sonata no 2 for Violin and Piano another 2 solo Cello pieces, a violin solo and a Clarinet Trio. In 2012 I will be releasing a new CD of my string quartet works.

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