New Track: Wrath Of The Storm

Congratulations to Alex who came up with the name “Wrath Of The Storm” for my latest composition. In addition to naming the track, he’ll be receiving a signed autographed copy of my music CD.

Listen to the full synthesized track below. I love its intense Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses energy and power. It will eventually be the last movement of a big 4 or 5 movement string quartet in c minor. For now though, it will be a stand-alone piece.

If you’re a member of a quartet and are interested in playing this piece, please contact me here.


  1. Iliram

    Hello! Great work!
    This piece sounds kind of medieval and it also reminds me of music chosen for old horror films.
    I’d go for “Chase” or perhaps “Storm” or even “Galactic Bridge”, owing to the way such a bridge is created.

  2. Sarah


  3. Michael

    I Thought on this and I came up with hollow’s eve

  4. Nastia

    yes, it’s pretty dark and I feel something victorian…I don’t know why, but in my imagination this music suits for the dark victorian masquerade ball.
    So maybe “Visquerade”?

  5. Macadamia Oil / eclectic river

  6. “Dramatique” “Trancendence” or “Transendence” or “Transendance” “A Family of Tornadoes” or “Dentestrie”

  7. Wasfi Momen

    I was about to say “Harpsichord Hazard” but then i saw it was a string quartet 🙂 hahaha haven’t listened to an actual collaboration of instruments in a long time. I would probably go for “Quartet Quagmire”. I cannot think of anything else, so ill come back and try again!

  8. “Ruin Reversal”. Because its a very powerful piece, makes me think of a yearning for something that is already gone.

  9. Skye

    This gives me a feeling of a not-quite climax, a sort of journey or fortuitous occurence. “Happenstance” is a wort that comes to mind.
    Wonderful peace of music, by the way.

  10. Summer

    “Captured Essence” or “Anxious Life”

    This excerpt captures the essence of life, and even helps induce those feelings of anxious life.


  11. Chelsea

    I’ve been trying to think of a good name for a few hours now, and I keep coming back to ‘Shadow Play’, or some variant of that.

    The song is, by and large, up-tempo, but there still feels like there’s a sort of…a darker edge to it, that comes and goes, and it makes me think of the way shadows will jump and whirl around in candlelight. There’s something generally playful about it, but at the same time, it feels like things could go darker at the drop of a hat. As the piece goes on, it makes the listener unsure of which way it’s going to go- whether it’s going to stay in the light or if it’s going to tip into the dark.

    • Paul

      Yes its quite dark, especially the next parts after the excerpt. It gets darker. Will post a bit more of it soon..

      • Chelsea

        Fantastic! Then I stick by my name suggestion even more! 😛 Can’t wait to hear some more of it!

  12. Hi Paul, very poetic is your new song. I think in the fall of the day when I am hearing. A nice name could be “Nightfall”.
    Cheers my friend!

  13. Alicja

    When listening, I think of a character in a tragedy, who has to make a difficult decision. He is more and more confused, and it is becoming more and more obvious that there is no right solution of his situation, that’s what the music shows.

    I think of “Dilemma”

    best regards! Love your work!

  14. Jeremy

    Mine is a little weird, but I’d suggest “Scarves and Daggers in the Town Square” because while I was listening to the excerpt, I put together this entire image of a bustling marketplace with colorful Gypsies dancing, collecting coins, and dashing in and out of the crowd.

    Maybe I’m watching too much Robin Hood. Haha. But that’s my suggestion. ^_^

  15. Natalie

    This is a LOVELY piece – something that I could listen to while I paint or write. It provides a nice, engaging ambiance without taking away from the creative process. I think “Imaginarium” would be a good title 🙂

  16. Hi Mr. Paul, this is an awesome song, when I hear it it came to my mind “Upwind”, the song motivates me to fight against what makes me go back and won’t let me move towards what awaits me in the future.
    Hope you like it.
    Greetings from Chile

  17. Yes i agree…Thanx Ro!

  18. Yes I agree…thanx!

  19. Michael McCollam

    Very refreshing. What a generous idea to invite everyone to find a name! I look forward to hearing the finished piece.

    My suggestion is “Carpe Diem”

  20. WOW! Great new piece Paul. I’ve listened to it a few times now and will submit my name shortly – awesome! Also heard Angel on the radio last week – well done.

    • Thanks Jo, yes ABC fm played “angel” last week….One of my most popular pieces with people, probably because its so melodic.

    • That’s beautiful! 🙂 I think “The Trial” could be a good name for it 🙂

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