New Track: Wrath Of The Storm

Congratulations to Alex who came up with the name “Wrath Of The Storm” for my latest composition. In addition to naming the track, he’ll be receiving a signed autographed copy of my music CD.

Listen to the full synthesized track below. I love its intense Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses energy and power. It will eventually be the last movement of a big 4 or 5 movement string quartet in c minor. For now though, it will be a stand-alone piece.

If you’re a member of a quartet and are interested in playing this piece, please contact me here.


  1. Izzie

    IDK why, but this piece makes me think of the Salem Witch Trials for some odd reason, so I feel like the name of this piece should be called “Blythe Hollow” or “Arrival of Mayflower” since the piece also gives off the vibe of an animated documentary of how America came to be & the 1st Thanksgiving, but then at the same time the piece makes me think of the tale of the Headless Horseman, so the piece might also be called “The Woods of Sleepy Hollow”? But of course, this piece reminds me of lots of other gothic things, in fact out of all things it reminds me of it would have to be a book I read back in 4th grade about elementary school ghosts, not sure why I guess it’s because it sounds kind of like those little spooky storytimes for children. Like it has the elements of Halloween, but at the same time it has that kid-friendliness to it, like the music you hear at the beginning of a narration of a not-so-scary children’s horror story, so the other names I feel like the piece would be called is “A Houseful of Ghosts” or “The 10 Little Ghosts”, you know… to give it that cute spookiness to it as it would be for a title of a children’s ghost story, IDK these names kinda sound lame but that’s what came to mind when listening to this piece (sorry for the long comment & lack of punctuations, my mind just rambles & it’s faster than my both hands & 10 fingers for me just to type it all out. BTW I love your pieces! I have the sheet music to Winter & attempting to play the violin to it, oh but I’m currently struggling with it because I’m still an intermediate (was supposed to be advanced, but I hated the teacher so I held myself back rip, got any tips for me?)

  2. AmirHossein

    Dear Paul,

    May I give you a suggestion? I’m not a musician, but your music reminds me in some ways of one of my most beloved pieces:

    Title: Dance Macabre
    Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns
    Artist: Jean-Jacques Kantorow, Jaques Rouvier
    Album: Seduction of Violin

    It’s a Violin and Piano solo and I can imagine, your masterpiece played this way… it would be marvelous! If you can’t find this track online, just send me an email and I will send it to you.

    Best Regards

  3. hello sir halley great job I think I loved it should be called ‘Sea Odyssey” for a strange reason I associate with the sea and pirates that song

  4. Tommy

    I suggest “Autumnal Festivals”

  5. Alex

    Hm, I think “Wrath of the Storm” could be a fitting title; the energy really reminds me of the anger and intensity of a storm.

  6. Davide

    “Valzer of the red rose” or “King’s buffet” 🙂

  7. Brigitte

    I thought of “Twisted Lovers” since I thought of a couple trying to kill each other.

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