The Composition Process

When composing I always like to ensure that each piece has several very “catchy” and easily identifiable themes. Sometimes the themes can be simple motifs of a few notes while other times they can be very lyrical melodies. Most people who have heard my music find it very melodic.

Harmonically I generally use fairly “traditional” harmony, and I am influenced by harmonies from the baroque all the way through to the modern period, with the greatest influence coming from the Romantic period. The composers I have been most influenced by (roughly in order) would be Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Mahler, Wagner and Chopin, but I have been at times influenced by a great variety of composers such as Debussy, Stravinski, John Williams, The Beatles and even Metallica.

My music is usually very dramatic. I am fascinated by magliette calcio a poco prezzo extremes of emotion in music, which is why my music seldom sounds bland! I always like to have a powerful conclusion to wrap up a piece, and often one of my favorite parts of a piece of mine is the ending. (See the ending of “The Hand of Fate” for eg).

All in all, I try to make my pieces as “perfect” as I can. When I am working on a piece, In the last stages of the composition process, I always agonise over every single note in an attempt to make it as perfect as I possible can.


  1. Hi Paul, your music is beautiful.
    What books, or works (like sheets or scores) to work on, do you recommend to improve my compositional skills.
    Hails to you!,

    • Scores- Beethovens are best. Piano sonatas “appasionata” “moonlight” “waldstein” and “hammerklavier” are a great start. also his 5th and 3rd symphonies. Harmony by Walter piston is great.

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