The Maker

A director friend of mine Christopher Kezelos approached me to collaborate on a short film where he wanted to create a narrative inspired by my music.

The end result is the enchanting stop motion animation called “The Maker” where my composition ‘Winter‘ is used as the soundtrack. Check out the film below.

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  1. jose

    Hi Paul !!
    I’m student and I love play the violin, I´m from Mexico and I really admire your music, especially your song “winter” I would be very, very grateful if you could send me the score, cause I was searching all this time but I can’t find it, is why I was encourage you to talk with you, so if you could help me sending to me the notes I would be very happy and grateful with you, thanks. 🙂

  2. Cadence R.

    Hello there! Like many here, I came here from The Maker after falling in love with the music. If you have time, could you e-mail me the sheet music for this beautiful piece? The type of arrangement (string quartet, piano, etc.) doesn’t matter; I can re-arrange it for my purposes. Thank you so much for gracing this world with your incredible and inspiring music!

  3. Victoria

    Hi, my name is Victoria. I am huge fan of your music. I play violin and I was wondering if you can send ‘Winter’ to me? I absolutely love the piece. “The Maker” is my favorite short film of all time, just to add. 🙂

  4. Erin

    This video is so creepy, I love it! The music goes perfectly with the video! My friend Kelly plays violin, she was also very impressed with it. You did a fantastic job! Greetings from Neverland, I mean New Mexico!

  5. I‘m from China ,happened to heard the volin music ,is its name “winter”?I have no idea where i can download it after paying,actually ,i am also not sure how can i pay .in Chinese websites,so many people love this music and even don’t know its name after watching the movie .you had fans in China.thank you!

    • Glad you like it! You can download it free from the website. Other tracks are available on ITunes. My CD is available thru this website.

  6. lapluha

    Hello, Paul, my name is Ksenia, I am from Russia. I fell in love with your music. I am a music school and my friends really want to play your music. can you send me a note?
    Your music is beautiful!
    Hello from Russia!

  7. Shannon

    Hi my friends and I heard the song “Winter” and we would love to learn how to play this song, would you please email us the sheet music?

  8. andrea michelle

    Hi! Your music is amaizing. There’s no words to describe “winter“ and i wonder if you would send to me.

  9. Perse

    Pease!! I want the music sheet for “Winter”!! Could you email it to me? Thanks!!

  10. Greetings from méxico, mr. Halley. I just discovered your music, and I love it. Because of this, I was wondering if you can share with me the notes of your piece “winter” to try to make arrangements for guitar and violin with my music partners. Thanks a lot.

  11. Hey im sure your tired of getting this message but it would be pretty cool if you could email me the sheet music for winter… thanks lol its also really cool your not making people pay for it like all the other greedy people out there your cool

  12. Hey im sure your tired of getting this message but it would be pretty cool if you could email me the sheet music for winter… thanks lol

  13. This film short is brilliant! Being a teacher, I’m always looking for material to spice up lessons. I showed this to my classes to teach theme as a literary device, which students tend to have trouble with. They really enjoyed the film and had enriching conversations on what it says about the fleeting nature of life and the power of music. A couple of my students who are also in orchestra also said the music resonated with them.

  14. Ermis kanakakis

    This is a masterpiece. I would really love to learn how to play it on the violin. Can you please share the sheet with me? thank you very much!

  15. Brenda F

    I really love this! I’m learning violin and I really want that this song would be my first song to play and I was wondering if could you send me the sheet music 🙂 I would be thankful for life!

  16. Hi! Im from Chile .. your music is very beautiful! I love it .. can you send me the sheet music of “Winter” please? to play it with my string quartet! (I play violin) we would be very happy! Thank you! greetings 🙂

  17. Hello Paul, my string quartet really like to make the performance of this beautiful piece! can you help me with the sheet music? what is the price? thanks a lot!

  18. Please share notes for string orchestra. It is so beautiful, even the soul is crying.

    • Thanx! Sent to u now! Wait till u hear WinterIII (the 3rd movement of my winter quartet) it is definately better than Winter I (1st movement)… Incidentally , the 2nd movement of “Winter” is “Midnight”…and u r the 1st person ive told that too…I might put a synth version of Winter III on site in a couple days..

  19. Hi Paul, unfortunately I just discovered your music so I couldn’t fall in love with it earlier 🙂 I would really love to play Winter so could you please send me the piano sheet? Thank you very much!

  20. Awesome, you grab the heart! I’d like to play it.
    Could you email me the sheet music, please-please?

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