Paul Halley B 1972 – The Halley Quartet

Buy Paul Halley’s first CD featuring the tracks Angel, The Hand of Fate, Midnight, Cello Fantasia, Autumn, Adagio in F and the ever popular Winter.

The track ‘Winter’ is also available for free download, just click Winter below then right-click the ‘Download’ link under the audio player.

All tracks performed by Adrian Keating, Sarah Moir, Joanna Landstra, Ilir Merxhushi. Solo violin in “Angel” by Sarah Moir”. Cello Fantasia performed by Ilir Merxhushi.



  1. Kvitka

    Hello mr. Halley!
    I am violinist and I fell in love with your “Winter”!!! It’s amazing!!!
    I would like play this music with my quartet!
    Have any chance to get sheet this music? Can you send me to email or where I can buy it?
    Thank you for created such beautiful music)))))

  2. mariana

    You are an amazing musician, your work is amazing, your song, breathtaking. I hope you get all the credits for your art, Im trying to help you to get all those credits sharing your page to all my friends. Congratulations, keep working hard and coloring the world with your marvellous music.

  3. Brenda Aguiñaga

    Hello Sir Halley, the video (The Maker) I really liked the music of his own, let me know where I can get the sheet music for violin here in Mexico? Their music is really wonderful. Thank you for your attention.

  4. Patricio

    Hey paul my name is patricio, im from peru and like a lot of people here the first piece i heard from you was winter and i just fell in love with it. everytime i heard it it just left my breathless and because music like this im inspired in keep playing, i just wanted to tell you this and keep the good work because i would love to hear more wonderfull pieces from you
    take care
    PD: I HATE asking you this because i read that almost everyone is asking for the sheet but i just want it so badly i will be really gratfull if you could send it to me, thank you and take care.

  5. Hi there, haha everyone is taling this way so…

    Hi, my name is Alyssa, and I am 18, a senior in High School, and I know you probably get this question a lot but, is there at all a way to maybe get a hold of some Sheet music of your songs? Or do you sell some? I would be highly interested to play or learn some of your pieces. They are absolutely beautiful and totally a style I adore. But if there isn’t any option for me to receive any of your glorious music for any reason from, you don’t want others to steal it or just your thing, I COMPLETELY understand. :> But if possible, it would be incredible if I could get a hold of some.

    Thank you :>

  6. Andrew

    Hello, I am a big fan of your compositions, and I was wondering how you came up with such fantastic melodies? Im am taking classes on music theory and learning how to write music, but I was wondering how you manage to make your music turn out so beautifully.

    • Theres no real trick to it except spend a lot of time getting each note perfect.

  7. Hey Mr Halley,
    My sister and I absolutley adore your music and cannot stop listening to it! I was wondering if it would be possible to get the sheet music for ‘winter’ the violin part somewhere? She plays the violin and this is her favourite composition of yours. I would simply love to surprise her with it. Thank you for all your great work sir, best regards for the future.

    • I will send it to you by email

      • Thank you so much, Mr Halley, she will absolutely love it! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she gets it! Your music is so inspiring and I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t immediately fallen in love with it. Thank you so so much!

  8. A lot of people get to know your music through the video ‘the maker’, and i did too. Absolutely beautiful! I have been interested in these musical pieces a while already since im a violinist myself. Is there any change you could send me/put up for download the sheet music? It would be appreciated a great deal!
    Thanks a lot in advance,
    greetings from the Netherlens,
    x Meike

    • Ill email it to you Meike. Hope u enjoy playing it

      • Oh wow. I’m not at a level where I could play this yet, but I would love to have the sheet music on hand as motivation- because some day, soon I hope, I’m going to be awesome.

        I would love a copy of the sheet music to Winter, if possible. Thank you so much.

  9. Alex Lopez

    Hey Paul, my name is Alex Lopez. I’ve been playing the violin ever since I was in kindergarden. Currently, I’m in 8th Grade going to 9th and my teacher is looking pieces for our quartet. when i showed him the maker, he fell in love with the music. So if you could, send us the score, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

    -Alex Lopez

    -p.s. BIG Fan! OuO

  10. Hi Paul!
    I am from Russia. Listen to your song Winter, it’s great! I am very inspired to play your wonderful work with our quartet. Where we can buy the score? Regards Ekaterina

  11. Vicente

    dear Mr Halley , I am an eleven year old child and I`m learnig to play the violin since 1 year ago, i love this kind of music, when my father showed me “the maker” this song has become in one of my favorite songs , i love the dramatic style of the song “winter” ,also i like aothers songs from another composer but in the same style for example “lux aeterna” ,


    • rachel ryabogin

      i agree, i am 12 years old and have learned to play the violin ever since i was seven, i love the drama of the piece and how it fits it’s name- were can you buy this music to play?

    • Thanks Vicente, I think you’re the yougest person to leave a comment here! thankyou!

  12. Hello Mr Halley,
    I’m currently a music student studying composition as well and form and analysis and stumbled across ‘Winter’ in the film ‘The Maker’. It very much moved me and was wondering if I could perhaps see the ‘Winter’ sheet music as both a satiation of my curiosity of what makes it sound so beautiful and as practice for my studies, possibly gleaning some compositional ideas or techniques from the work itself.

    Many thanks, and don’t ever stop the music,

    • I have emailed it to you Luke. Don’t ever write music that deep down you know sounds no good, despite what the so-called experts may teach you…

      • rachel ryabogin

        your music moves my heart to jello1 your song ‘Winter’ makes me want to melt into peace and harmony… i play the violin- i started at age 7- my teachers think i am amazing and i would like to approach your piece ‘Winter’1 is there a place that i can by sheet music, or can you send it to my email? thank you! and keep writing and composing those amazing pieces!

  13. Cecilia

    Hi Paul, I simply love your music and was wondering if you were open to selling sheet mnusic/where i could find it if you already do.

  14. Cecilia

    Hi Paul, I simply love your music and was wondering if you were open to selling sheet mnusic/where i could find it if you already do.

  15. Daniel Moreno

    When I hear this song, I feel a hurricane of emotions.
    Thanks Paul for share it.

    • Thanks Daniel – yes my music is quite emotional. You’d probably like “Hand Of Fate” – it’s full of turbulent emotions…

  16. Hello. I loved this tracks. They’re amazing!
    I was wondering if Paul have composed any Christmasy melodies. I mean not performed the classical jingles but to create original Xmas music?
    If there are any I’d love to buy his tracks, where can I look for them?

    • hmmm…not yet…maybe one day! my style’s probably a bit dramatic for xmas though!

  17. Oh!
    A love Winter!!!!

  18. Murcielaguita

    very beautiful songs!!

  19. Hi. I think there is a problem with your RSS feed. I hope you are able to fix it!

  20. Henrique

    Winter is perfect,Thank you for the music.

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