Paul Halley B 1972 – The Halley Quartet

Buy Paul Halley’s first CD featuring the tracks Angel, The Hand of Fate, Midnight, Cello Fantasia, Autumn, Adagio in F and the ever popular Winter.

The track ‘Winter’ is also available for free download, just click Winter below then right-click the ‘Download’ link under the audio player.

All tracks performed by Adrian Keating, Sarah Moir, Joanna Landstra, Ilir Merxhushi. Solo violin in “Angel” by Sarah Moir”. Cello Fantasia performed by Ilir Merxhushi.



  1. Hi mr. paul! sorry if my english is a little bit confusing, i want to ask you a
    music shit of your piece “winter” (or the one that is played in “the maker”) becuase my best friend and violin teacher have a string quartet and she’s so exited for this piece that she wants to play with the quartet and i like to learn it too!

  2. Jesse Banderas

    Another fan of Winter looking for the sheet music, if I may ask for it ^.^ The Maker was a brilliant story and I’m considering sewing my own bunny violinist now (maybe sans teeth). I’m listening to the rest of your track excerpts and they are brilliant. Continue producing lovely orchestral scores!

  3. Hello Sir Paul. I want to congratulate him on his “Winter”, I loved it since I heard it. I thought at first it was a Baroque composer (the baroque period is my favorite), an Italian composer, but he could be …

    I heard in the video “The Maker”.

    I would ask a favor, if I can pass the score of this piece to touch with my friends, because I have 14 years and I can not buy. Besides that I am also a songwriter and if you want to pass a trio for clarinet I did (with all its movements: Allegro, affettuso and allegro moderato).

    Thank you very much in advance.

  4. Greetings, Paul!
    I have to say that your music is incredibly awesome, especially ‘Winter’ and ‘The Hand of Fate’, they are so stunning!
    I tried to figure out the first mentioned song, but unfortunately I cannot catch some notes (well, actually a lot of them, my earphones are not good enough for that), so I wonder if I could get score, could I?
    In fact, I’m just extremely curious how ‘Winter’ would sound in setting for piano or in quasirock setting (some guitars and drums).
    Hope to receive your feedback with approval or denial 🙂
    Best regards,

    • Thank you so much! It will ease my task a lot 🙂
      By the way, is there any chance that we will be able to hear similar masterpieces from you?:)

  5. Davide

    Hi Paul, I have just found “The Maker” on youtube. The movie is so beautiful, and your music fits very well, it makes it really touching. I think “Winter” is a wonderful song. I am a beginner self taught violinist with a passion for composing and arranging music. I would love to get the score for “Winter” if you still send it.
    Thank you and congratulations for the beauty of your work and thanks twice for sharing.
    Keep up with the good work

  6. Andrew

    Your music is like, wow. I listen to it in my free time quite often. I showed some of it to my friends and they think it’s super cool too.
    My friends and I were wondering if we could get a copy of the sheet music for Winter, and possibly the Hands of Fate and Midnight? (I know those mp3s aren’t free for download, but is the sheet music free?) Due to budget cuts, our school has a brand new orchestra teacher who doesn’t know what he’s doing yet, so we formed a music group to keep our skills sharp, and your music would offer the perfect challenge.

    • Hi there. Well i can give you winter, but the other scores (including parts) are $9.95 each.Let me know!

  7. Hi, i just heard your music from “The Maker” animation short film and it was like love at first sight. You have incredible talents. I know you probably might get tired of people asking this a lot but i was wondering if you could sent me the music sheets, i would love to play “Winter”
    Thank you

    • Sent! Have a listen to the synth version of the 3rd movement…its almost complete…

    • No i don’t get tired of it, but i’m hoping one day someone will send a recording to let me know how they went with it! If you want other scores they are available for $9.95 each (incl all parts)

      • Thank you so much, 🙂 ! even though i do not play as well as i would like, i will practice this piece and record it soon 🙂 !
        Thank you

  8. Paul Ezust

    I am a retired math/cs prof and I spend as much of my time as possible playing string quartets with my wife and my friends (I play viola and she plays violin).
    My daughter Emily ( sent me the URL for “The Maker.”
    I heard and was deeply impressed by “Winter”.
    I have listened to all of the excerpts and have ordered a copy of your CD but I would also love to play “Winter” with my friends.

    Can you tell me how to obtain the parts?

    Many thanks for your lovely creations!


    • Oh wow i love maths. Was just recently reading about Grahams number…wow ..headache trying to get your mind around that…Ill send u winter. Other scores are available for $9.95 including Midnight which is the 2nd movement of the 3 movement “Winter” quartet…Let me know how you go its not easy!

  9. My name is Andy, and I heard of your song “Winter” in class one time from my teacher. I really love the melody, and I was wondering if you would send me the sheet music for it.

  10. Dear Mr Halley,
    I have already written to you about a sheet music. As I mentioned the Winter was difficult, but another quartett has formed recently, and now we are qualified enough to play it. I would appreciate if you sent me the sheet music of Winter.
    Yours sincerely,
    Joey Owen

    • Thank you very much the sheet, I wish the best for you and your work. 🙂

      • Gergo

        The sheet of Winter can be downloaded? Sorry I’m not English.
        Please give me a link. Thanks in advance.

  11. gphenix


  12. Michael

    Paul, You did an amazing job with Winter, as I’m sure you’ve heard a million times by now. Although the animation in “The Maker” is excellent, I believe your music supplied almost, if not all, the emotion for the video. I was wondering if I could receive the sheet music for the beautiful composition.

    All the best!

    • Michael

      Thank you so much for the sheets! I’ll be looking forward to any new music you create!

  13. Hattie

    I watched ‘The Maker’ and would love the score for ‘Winter’! It’s so beautiful.

  14. Dana

    Hello Paul! Your music is amazing 🙂 please would you send me the sheet music of Winter??

  15. Gabril

    Hello I am Gabriel and I love and wanted to ask dond Winther epuedo get scores for string quartet?

    • Gabril

      jejejejejej misspelled apology … Correction: where I can find scores of WINTHER

  16. ignacio

    Winter (The Maker) !
    Brilliant Music I ever heard! its a real paint of the 4th season!
    and what a fantastic album.
    can we have the sheet music of this song only for personal play Mr.Halley? 😉

  17. Jeremiah

    I’d like to shamelessly ask for the score to the music it’s just too good.

    • Paul

      lol no probs…

    • Hello i from Colombia and i study music for a long time, i play violin and i really loved you send me your “Winter” is for my grade concert PLISSS THANK you sorry for my bad english but the think that make my happy is the music and i love this melody i love this song tanks!!!! c: sorry for my bad english i am latino americana ! te agradeceria con el alma si me enviaras esto ! es para mi concierto de grado c: GRACIAS INFINITAS!

  18. Hi!

    I’ve just heard your “Winter” in “The Maker” animation. This film is really beautiful, but the music more! Can I get the score to the quartet from you? I really want to play it with my friends. I will be grateful.


  19. Dary Baas

    Hi, good night. Well I´m a fan of your music for a long time an I really want to learn to play your “Winter” melody. Please.. you can send me your sheet music for that melody to my mail? I really love than you can do it, really c: Good night and God bless you c:

    • Sure thing Dary. Hey check out my new piece on the homepage…will b my best ever…

  20. Juan Francisco Robson

    I’m Juan Francisco from Chile. I’ve been hearing your music for quite some time now and it helps me to relax and sometimes also to study; I think you have a great talent and I would love to be able to hear some of your new compositions as you continue creating them. I study medicine (not at all related to music), but I played the violin when I was little and now I’m trying to start again. I don’t want to bother you but could you send me the sheet of your song “Adagio in F”? I know it will take me a lot of time but I want to try and start listening those beautiful sounds in my violin and maybe in the future I will be able to play it 🙂
    Keep it up, you’re a great musician, congratulations!

    • Juan Francisco Robson

      …I just read that you’re only giving out Winter; I would really like you to send me that one if it’s ok! Thank you in advance!

      Juan Francisco

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