Paul Halley B 1972 – The Halley Quartet

Buy Paul Halley’s first CD featuring the tracks Angel, The Hand of Fate, Midnight, Cello Fantasia, Autumn, Adagio in F and the ever popular Winter.

The track ‘Winter’ is also available for free download, just click Winter below then right-click the ‘Download’ link under the audio player.

All tracks performed by Adrian Keating, Sarah Moir, Joanna Landstra, Ilir Merxhushi. Solo violin in “Angel” by Sarah Moir”. Cello Fantasia performed by Ilir Merxhushi.



  1. Sepideh

    Let me say that your music just got that something that inspires me. Simply joyful and beautiful in the uniq way. I listen to music like this when I draw of paint, it inspires me. Your “winter” track takes my inspiration to the whole new level! Thank you =)

  2. Dear Paul,
    I love your song ‘Winter’ from The Maker and really would like to play it with my string quartett. Do you think it’s possible to send me the scores?
    Thanks a lot in advance
    Sarah from Hamburg

  3. P. Boice

    Dear Lord, but you’re good, Paul. This is the most refreshing thing that I’ve heard in forever.

  4. Todd Xu

    Hi Paul,

    I’m a software engineer and amateur violin player and a Bach fan. I like your masterpiece Winter so much, It sounds a little like Bach to me..(and I like the movie, The Maker, too)

    Could you send me score of winter..I really want to try it myself!

    Best Regards,

  5. Hello. Your music is brilliant. I’m not the first to say this, I’m not the last. I, like many, became acquainted with your creativity through cartoon Maker. Together with the animators and writers you managed to create a masterpiece. I’m from Belarus. I am a student of the State Academy of music. And I really want to play Winter with my friends. If possible, could you send party? Excuse my impudence. And thank you for your wonderful creations.

  6. Nicholas Wu

    thank you sir, really awesome composing. you must love your life very much. wish all the best to you from China.

  7. Corbin A.

    Amazing music, you are what I consider the modern classical father, your music will be remembered for many generations.

    I love to play the violin, and I would love to have a try at any songs you feel you would like to share the music sheets with.

  8. Wow… I heard this music a month before but it never gets old… Awesome.
    Could I ask you to send me sheet of Winter?
    Though I just started learning the violine, someday I want play this music.
    I’m trying to say fluently, and it’s little bit hard to me. lol
    Have a good day! 😀

    From Korea
    Best Regards

  9. Hello Paul, I had recently watched “The Maker” and I fell in love with the music. I was wondering if you could send the score over? I would LOVE to be able to play “Winter”. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  10. Brian Acosta

    You sir… You are a genius!!! My favorite one is Winter! How a majestic piece of heaven you composed! Cheers from a little place in Latin America 🙂

  11. Willow Hunley-Bota

    Looks like The Maker attracts a lot of listeners. I am one of them. The Maker would not have been as good if it was not Winter.

  12. Good day, Mr. Halley!
    I’m violinist from Belarus. Our quartet (we stady at The National Academy of Music) was excited by the bright emotion and beauty of your “Winter”!
    We’re having the state examination this December, so we passionately wish to play “Winter”. Please, we beg you, if it’s possible to send us the score?
    every day we dream about our performance of this fantastic music!
    p.s. thank you very much for your remarkable creative work!

    • Sent! let me know how youre going with it!

      • Mr Halley, I apologize, but possibly some mistakes happenned, I haven’t got your message =(
        If you’ll be so kind, pleeeeease, send it again!

        • oh, sorry for my emotions))
          my email is fixed now
          it’s absolutely great! I’m sure our exam will’be the best around students because of your work!
          be happy, we’re looking forward for your new pieces!

  13. A request i’m sure you have become fairly accustomed to by now, would i please be able to procure a copy of the sheet music for Winter? It would be much appreciated and I must commend you on such a beautiful piece

  14. Shadia Mustafa

    Hello, as most of the others, I encountered your music through the short “The Maker”. I was absolutely delighted by “Winter” and “Spring”. I would love to be able to play it with my quartet. I am sorry to be another person bothering you with the music to the sheet music, but not sorry enough to not at least attempt to get the music! I understand you might not want to send the entire score, could I just get the first violin part, if possible?
    Thank you so much,

  15. Lilly

    I really love it.
    This song is amazing!!!
    If you have time, could you send me the music sheet?
    I really want to play this song with my friends.

  16. Emily

    Dear Mr.Halley
    Sorry about my poor english but I want to tell you that this song is amazing!
    I have been listened to this song a lot of times.
    My friends also love this song too!
    If you have time, could you send me the sheet music of winter?
    I would like to play this song with my friends.
    Thank you!!!

  17. Kriszti

    I am a young violinist from Slovakia and I think, I’m falling in love in your compositions. First I saw the short film ‘The Maker’ and the firt thing, what touched me was the music. Than I tought that: Hmm, one day I want to play this melody. Then I found your site and now I’m writing this for you.
    So now I want to ask you, can you send me the sheet music of 1st movement of Winter, what was in ‘The Maker’? If it’s not a big problem?! I will be so happy
    Thank you so much 🙂

  18. Dominic

    im so impressed on all these song. my favorit is the Winter one where could u get it? when school starts(I’m a 16 year old violinist) , i want to show my orchestra teacher so that we could play this.

    How long did it take you to come up with all the magnificant pieces? How are you able to create such amazing workds of art?

  19. Hello Paul Halley!
    Congratulations for the great job!! It’s really amazing.

    I play in a string quartet here in Brazil.
    I wonder if you can send us the sheet of “Winter”, would it be possible?
    We will enjoy a lot playing it!
    I aprecciate your attention!
    Best regards!

  20. Anton

    Hello. Thanks for this music. It’S beautiful.

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