Future Projects

I am currently writing many new pieces. Several of my currently single movement pieces for string quartet are being developed into 3 or 4 movement pieces.

My current biggest project is my “4 seasons” project, which will comprise, once finished four 3 or 4 movement string quartets – one for each of the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. You can hear some of the single movements already on this website. For this project, I was inspired Ray Ban outlet by Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, which are written for string orchestra and violin soloist. The first full quartet Ive finished “Winter”, is in 3 movements and was premiered in 2010 at Wesley Church, Wollongong.

I am also working on extending (also to 3 or 4 movement quartets), my pieces “Angel”, “The Hand of Fate” and my “Russian” string quartets. 2012 will see the premier of at least 2 new full string quartets by The Halley Quartet.

Besides string quartet pieces I am currently working on a Piano concerto, My Sonata no 2 for Violin and Piano another 2 solo Cello pieces, a violin solo and a Clarinet Trio. In 2012 I will be releasing a new CD of my string quartet works.


  1. プレイボーイ ダウン

  2. Fantastic music my friend! String player here, just showing some love!

  3. joshuac40

    Excelente trabajo, gracias por campartir tan maravilloso trabajo.

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