The Maker

A director friend of mine Christopher Kezelos approached me to collaborate on a short film where he wanted to create a narrative inspired by my music.

The end result is the enchanting stop motion animation called “The Maker” where my composition ‘Winter‘ is used as the soundtrack. Check out the film below.

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  1. Oliver

    Hey Paul I really fell in love with your music, it’s trully great. Could you please send me or post on the website the sheet of Winter? Thank you and congratulations for all the music you’ve created! 🙂

  2. Ksenia

    I fell in love with your music. The composition of the “Winter” in the animated film “The Maker” shook me to the core! Ready to listen to it endlessly …
    I would be very grateful if you would send notes. =)

    P.S. I apologize for the English – written by online translator …

  3. I was just wondering, do you’ve got a better version of your track ”winter” instead of the mp3 version? not that I don’t mind having that instead, but I’d rather have the full enjoyment of hearing a quality song with a quality size so that it will sound good on my speakers.

    btw. it must be the hype of your day answering questions from a song (which is now more than a half year old) repeatedly with similar answers. (maybe think of a faq?)

  4. Patina S.

    Your music really moves me, amazing. It’s more than just talent, you grab the heart. I want more and more!
    Like most of your fans, I’m in love with the song ‘Winter’, and I dream to play it on the piano. I will be grateful if you if you would send me too, the sheet music.

    Forgive my mistakes, greetings from Poland!

  5. Andrez

    Hello Paul!
    I first heard your music through The Maker, and after that, I had to listen to more. My sister is a violinist and she is excellent. She plays in a quartet, and she would love to be able to play this song! We would greatly appreciate it if you would send us the sheet music.
    Truly an excellent song. Thank you for composing it!

    • Diana

      Hi Andrez!
      I have a friend who’s in a quartet too and they would love to play that song, did you get the sheets music? Could you send them to me if you ever see this message? Thanks!

      Pd. Thank you Paul Halley for this beautiful piece 🙂

    • no worries, done and done!

  6. Paul, your music amazing!
    i would love to play that song!
    can you send it to my email?
    thank you!

    • OK!

      • Pierre

        Hello Mr Halley, I am a french student who fell in love with your track “Winter”… I have had that song in mind for a week now, trying to play it on my violin… But it is really hard without the score !
        Could you send the sheet music to me, for I play it to my girlfriend and maybe with my quartet ? That would be wonderful ! Thank you in advance ! And congrats !!!

  7. morphoenix

    Could you please give me the stave of the song WINTER ? My sister likes it so much!!!

  8. Kimiko

    I am not sure if my first comment actually posted. But if it didn’t…
    Hi I am in love with the song “Winter.” I listen to it every night, and I wish to play it. Unfortunatly I do not play violen, viola, cello, etc. However I do play piano. I was wondering if I could have to sheet music so I can play it?

  9. Kimiko

    Hi. The maker is my second favorite shortfilms. my first is Zero. I am in love with the song “Winter” by Paul Halley. I listen to it over, and over, and over again XD. I do not play violen, or viola, or cello, but I wish to play the song on piano. If it is permitted by the composer of the song, I was wondering, if I could have the sheet music emailed to me? It would be great^^

  10. Could I possibly have the sheet music (for violin) for “Winter”? It’s one of my favorite pieces that I’d love to learn on the violin.

  11. I cellist from Moscow. ‘m in Gnesinka. and last month my dream became a quartet from this cartoon. Your quartet. I could paint it by ear, but it’s wrong .. I would be very happy if you let me and my friends, just fascinated by this music, play it. Thank you!!!)

  12. Maristella

    gentle Paul Halley, i love your composition “winter” and i would like to play it with my quartet. I wanted to ask you if you can publish it on this site…thank you very much and sorry for any grammatical mistakes, unfortunately my English isn’t great…

    Thanks again Maristella Magnani.

    • Hi Maristella, ill email you the parts for winter. It all depends on the quality of the playing and the recording. If it is good then i would have no problem with that at all…As a matter of fact if it’s very good your group could even premier a piece and do a first recording of a new piece to go up on this site.

  13. Salve! Potuistis mittere notulas de is piece! Amo it! Enim maturius gratias!

  14. Tomasz,

    This… Thing, music, composion… Made my heart. IIm a metal fan, true rap. But this… Just got not words. Beatiful. You made me to sleep. alcoholism on 2nd way…

  15. I just watched this film after seeing it on someone’s blog and it is fantastic. The score is beautiful. Good job.

  16. Sergio Del Angel

    Paul your music it is awesome!, i would love to play that song with my quartet but just asking do you have the sheet from this song?

    • Not yet but soon. I will have it on my site.

      • Stanislaw

        Great! I’m an aspiring musician in highschool, the Maker was shown to us in a class and I fell in love with the music. Since then, I’ve been trying to get my hands on the sheet music so I could transpose it to guitar! Cannot wait for the sheet music!

  17. erendira

    me encanto la pieza que pasa en “the maker” realmente maravillosa! 😀 realmente le da mucha de la magia

  18. joshuac40

    Winter le dio vida a the maker, excelente. es de lo mejor que he podido escuchar y ver , gracias.

  19. ebony

    i love the maker and the music is so beautiful and i would love to download it if possible.

    • Thank you. To download, just right click the track name ‘Winter’ above and save it to your computer.

  20. Rowan

    Just wondering if you are distributing the sheet music for this?

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